wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults

mandala wooden jigsaw puzzle

by crafoons creations

We have designed a jigsaw puzzle unlike any other.


The puzzle can be enjoyed by the whole family but is designed and created specifically with adults in mind. It is sure to provide a fun, creative and challenging time of problem-solving and joy.

what makes our jigsaw puzzle unique?

durable and beautiful puzzle pieces

The finished piece depicts a beautiful and colourful mandala, but to complete it, you first have to search through 222 pieces of flowers, mini mandalas and more. The sturdy wooden pieces all have a unique shape waiting to be discovered and pieced together in harmony.


Compared to many other jigsaw puzzles, this puzzle is made of thick and sturdy basswood that is both water- and scratch-proof. This makes the pieces easier to work with and more difficult to break. Our puzzle is one that is made to last and enjoyed for years without fail.


The material and our procedures are also eco-friendly and vegan, making it a puzzle suitable for everyone.

Wooden jigsaw puzzle from Crafoons Creations - details from the puzzle pieces
What's included with the wooden jigsaw puzzle

A full gift set

With our mandala jigsaw puzzle for adults, you're not just getting some basic puzzle pieces thrown into a square, cardboard box. Our puzzle is made to be an experience from start to finish, so we take a lot of pride in everything from our packaging to the extra accessories included.


When buying a Crafoons Creations jigsaw puzzle, you get the following included:


  • 222 high-quality puzzle pieces made to shape a colourful and large (A3) mandala
  • A protective hemp bag to store the puzzle pieces in
  • A wooden easel for displaying the design while puzzling (if you wish) by placing the box lid on it
  • A beautiful, wooden gift box to store everything in
  • A personal note from us with exclusive tips and tricks

With Crafoons Creations, puzzling becomes more fun and creative than ever before. Get everything you need (and didn't know you needed) in our neat gift box full of colourful surprises that will spark joy for everyone involved.

Don't just take our word for it

try it for yourself!

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