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Crafoons Creations is a small business that was founded by a Norwegian couple in 2021. From our home in Spain, we figured that we wanted to create something. Something beautiful, unique and fun. Something that could bring people together – away from phones and other screens. And as we love puzzles and other types of games, we only saw it fit that our first product would be a creative jigsaw puzzle. With quality being our highest priority, we decided on a sturdy wooden jigsaw puzzle that can be enjoyed again and again. And for the design, we couldn't think of anything more beautiful than a colourful mandala. An East meets West piece perfected to meet our high standards.


We have been there through every part of the process for our puzzle and will do the exact same for our future products. For us, a good user experience is priority numero uno. We want you to enjoy our product from start to finish, without any production issues or uncertainties. That is why we have put so much time and effort into creating the perfect gift box with everything you want and need.


Crafoons Creations is the dream come true for a couple looking for a rewarding business venture. We want to spread the joy of jigsaw puzzles and other hobby products to everyone – not just kids. Everyone can benefit from some creative problem-solving and fun times away from the television. Make time to connect with yourself and the people around you, with the help of our products. By purchasing one of our jigsaws, you are directly supporting our work.

Thank you for supporting a small business!

Crafoons colourful mandala puzzle on a black table

Why Choose Crafoons Creations?

  • Support a small business
  • Get impeccable, nordic quality
  • We are vegan and eco-friendly
  • Order with Amazon Prime

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